"Why are fountain pen sales rising?"

An article about fountain pen sales being on the rise, and how they impact children in school.


If you have been missing the ready availability of Sign With Prestige, you’re not alone.  But not to worry, because we have an answer for that! During our period of transition, we have been notably silent on our blog and social media, but no more!  Now that we have not only moved out of our […]

The Power of the Letter

Throughout my time at Sign With Prestige I have had the privilege of meeting a variety of people, and each one is remarkably different than the last.  If there is one thing I have learned from these individuals (from all of you) it is that we all see things differently, and we all have our […]

"Why You Should Shop at Small Businesses Online"

I was perusing through the Wall Street Journal’s small business page on Facebook earlier today, and I came across an article about shopping at small/local e-businesses for the holidays.  The title of the article was Why You Should Shop at Small Businesses Online.  The main points of the article relate to why shopping at e-boutiques […]

"Is Penmanship Being Written Off?"

A blog discussing the importance of handwriting. This blog includes a link to a story that aired on January 23rd, 2011 on CBS Sunday Morning entitled “Is Penmanship Being Written Off?”