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Sign With Prestige
 began as a specialty retail shop that spun off the H.M.S. Protocol & Etiquette Training business of Marie Hornback. Marie is a Protocol and Etiquette Consultant whose clients were having difficulty finding fine stationery appropriate for business and professional use. Answering that need for fine stationery, coupled with their love of pens, Marie and Steve Hornback opened their shop in May 2008.  The demise of the US economy in the Fall of 2008 had a serious impact on this new business and by the end of December 2011, Hornbacks closed their retail shop.  The continued sale of products was done from their home studio until November 2015.  The retail sales of products came to a final end Dec. 31, 2015.  Marie continues to operate under the Sign With Prestige business name offering classes in Penmanship and Calligraphy.  Marie also offers a variety of Calligraphy Services:  Wedding Invitation Ensembles, Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Poems, Quotes, Honorary Resolutions and Scripture Passages.


Profile: Marie Hornback


Marie Hornback was born and raised in England and learned first-hand the practices of etiquette and protocol. Ms. Hornback’s father was an officer in the Royal Navy and had the opportunity to dine with royalty on several occasions.

Ms. Hornback is a graduate of The Protocol School of Washington®, the leader in etiquette and protocol services. Ms. Hornback has been trained to use the school’s comprehensive training manuals and workbooks to present the highest quality programs available in the areas of protocol and etiquette.

Ms. Hornback has been featured in the Northern Colorado Business Report, the Colorado Business Report, the Loveland Reporter-Herald, and The Compass (Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce monthly publication) as the volunteer of the month.

Ms. Hornback presents seminars on Protocol and Etiquette, Dining Skills, Social Skills and International Protocol & Etiquette.  Presentations can be customized for your group (large or small), your budget and time.  Etiquette dinners or lunches/brunches are a popular request at universities, colleges, sororities and fraternities.

Ms. Hornback will be happy to discuss a program to suit your organization’s needs and expectations. 970-222-7675




Marie has been teaching American Cursive Handwriting at Ridgeview Classical Schools (grades 3-6) for the past three years and will continue to focus her attention in that endeavor.  Marie teaches both broad-edge and pointed pen calligraphy classes as well as providing calligraphy services.  Cursive handwriting classes or tutoring is available for people of any age.  Marie is also available to teach young children how to print correctly.

Marie’s passion for teaching the lettering arts is as ardent as her desire to increase knowledge in etiquette and protocol.  Marie enjoys being able to refine students’ writing skills and create an awareness of civility and the soft skills.

Marie has, and continues to study penmanship, calligraphic styles of writing, flourishing and engrossing with Master Penman.  She has taken four courses with Harvest Crittenden and attended 2, week long Spencerian Sagas and 2 week long Engrossing Sagas with Master Penmen Michael Sull and Ms. Harvest Crittenden.

Marie has studied broad edge pen calligraphy under the instruction of Sheila Waters in week-long intensive Master Classes in 2014, 2105, and 2016.

Marie is an active member of IAMPETH (International Association of Master Penman, Engrossers and Teachers of Handwriting and was elected 2nd Vice President at the Annual Meeting, July 2016.