The art of Zentangle was created by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts. It is in art form which can be enjoyed by any age group and can be accomplished by anyone who has the ability to hold a pen. In other words – You don’t have to be an artist! Rick and Maria say,”Anything is possible one stroke at a time.” and that is certainly true of Zentangle.

Zentangle Tiles

Classes are offered by Marie Hornback, a certified Zentangle teacher. Check the schedule on the class page for upcoming classes. Supplies are also available through our website: Zentangle kits, Zentangle tiles (white and black), Sakura Micron pens, white jelly roll pens, sketch books, and Zentangle instruction books. Zentangle classes cost $35 per person, including supplies! To sign up for our next class, click here.

Arrange a class for any group: your employees (team building), your Bible Study class, Bridge Club, etc.  If you can hold a pen and move your hand– You can do Zentangle!

Supplies are available at the Sign With Prestige shop:  Sakura Micron pens, Zentangle Tiles (black and white), tortillons, Zentangle books.

Zentangle Classes

Zentangle Class

Teaching Zentangle

Learn this amazing new artform.  Diminish stress, develop dexterity, enhance focus, create something beautiful.

Class Fee:  $35 –  includes all your supplies.  Call to register: 970-682-4797