About Us

Sign With Prestige is a specialty retail shop that spun off the H.M.S. Protocol & Etiquette Training business of Marie Hornback. Marie is a Protocol and Etiquette Consultant whose clients were having difficulty finding fine stationery appropriate for business and professional use. Answering that need for fine stationery, coupled with their love of pens, Marie and Steve Hornback opened their shop in May 2008.

The Hornbacks take pride in their excellent customer service and product knowledge.  If you live in northern Colorado, or are visiting that area, they invite you to call for an appointment to shop privately.  They stress the importance of trying the pens before making a purchase.

Marie teaches handwriting for all ages and especially for those looking to improve or learn cursive.  Calligraphy classes are also offered in both pointed and broad pen.  Be sure to check the class schedule.

Profile: Marie Hornback


Marie Hornback was born and raised in England and learned first-hand the practices of etiquette and protocol. Ms. Hornback’s father was an officer in the Royal Navy and had the opportunity to dine with royalty on several occasions.

Ms. Hornback is a graduate of The Protocol School of Washington®, the leader in etiquette and protocol services. Ms. Hornback has been trained to use the school’s comprehensive training manuals and workbooks to present the highest quality programs available in the areas of protocol and etiquette.

Ms. Hornback has been featured in the Northern Colorado Business Report, the Colorado Business Report, the Loveland Reporter-Herald, and The Compass (Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce monthly publication) as the volunteer of the month.



Marie has, and continues to study penmanship, calligraphic styles of writing, flourishing and engrossing with Master Penman.  She has taken four courses with Harvest Crittenden and attended 3 week long Spencerian Sagas with both Michael Sull and Ms. Crittenden.

Marie teaches penmanship at Ridgeview Classical School in grades 3-7 in addition to her private students.  Calligraphy classes and penmanship classes are offered through Sign With Prestige.