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In a rapidly expanding global economy, executives on all levels need to distinguish themselves from the competition.

Don’t get left behind! Act today and learn how to present yourself in a positive professional manner.

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Dining Skills

Silverware savvy and table manners are covered in this seminar enabling the participant to easily navigate their way around a dining experience whether casual or formal. This seminar can be presented with or without a dining tutorial.

Participants will be instructed in correct table manners with this dining tutorial. Ms. Hornback presents dining skills from beginning to end of this dining experience from how to take one’s seat to where the napkin is placed when the meal is finished.

This tutorial can be customized to your needs and can be a wonderful experience for families, fraternities, sororities, Mother – Daughter Banquets, women’s retreats.

Dining Skills – Half Day Seminar

Dine Like a diplomat - half day seminar

Dining skills for international and domestic business functions are addressed. This seminar is a complement to How To Succeed in the International Arena. A tutorial lunch can be included.

*All seminars can be customized to your personal needs or the needs of your company.*

Etiquette dinner or luncheon

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Business Etiquette

Polish your professional image and present yourself with class, confidence and authority.  Soft skills are becoming increasingly significant not only in corporate America but also in the global arena.  A survey conducted by two University of Massachusetts economists found that 86 percent of employers considered them to be among their most important hiring criteria.   Are you ready?

Both dining skills and business protocol and etiquette are addressed  in this seminar to help you distinguish yourself in the fiercely competitive business community. Topics include: 

• Handshaking – The Ultimate Greeting
• Make an Entrance and Working the Room
• Proper Introductions
• Eye Signals
• Improving Mingling Proficiency
• Effective Business Meal Tactics
• Silverware Savvy
• Styles of Eating

Distinguish Yourself

• Host and Guest Duties
• The Silent Service Code
• Receiving Line
• Dining Dos and Don’ts
• Broaden Your Global Awareness
• Business Card Protocol
• And more ... 

*All seminars can be customized for your needs and interests.*

International Etiquette

*All seminars can be customized for your needs and interests.*

How To Succeed in the International Arena – Full Day Seminar

This seminar is for anyone whose job requires communicating, negotiating and socializing in the global marketplace. We must be an envoy for the firm we represent, equipped with a knowledge and understanding of the business and social customs of the persons with whom we are negotiating.

This seminar will teach you the skills required to represent yourself in a classy, confident and professional manner in the international arena.

Marie Hornback was born and raised in England and learned first-hand the practices of etiquette and protocol. Ms. Hornback’s father was an officer in the Royal Navy and had the opportunity to dine with royalty on several occasions.

Ms. Hornback is a graduate of The Protocol School of Washington®, the leader in etiquette and protocol services. Ms. Hornback has been trained to use the school’s comprehensive training manuals and workbooks to present the highest quality programs available in the areas of protocol and etiquette.

Ms. Hornback has been featured in the Northern Colorado Business Report, the Colorado Business Report, the Loveland Reporter-Herald, and The Compass (Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce monthly publication) as the volunteer of the month.

Ms. Hornback presents seminars on Protocol and Etiquette, Dining Skills, Social Skills and International Protocol & Etiquette. Presentations can be customized for your group (large or small), your budget and time. Etiquette dinners or lunches/brunches are a popular request at universities, colleges, sororities and fraternities.

Ms. Hornback will be happy to discuss a program to suit your organization’s needs and expectations. 970-222-7675



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